Replica Stormtrooper outfit

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Almost 30 years after prop-maker Andrew Ainsworth of Shepperton Studios created the original Stormtrooper outfit, you can now buy your own authentic, lifesize replica, including a helmet that has been
made using the original moulds. Star Wars fanboys, these are the replica Stormtrooper outifts you’ve been looking for… and other Jedi-based puns.

These armour/helmet combos, turned out once again by Shepperton, are the most accurate reproductions of the originals ever produced. As such, they don’t come cheap (£1,300 to be precise) but then they are a genuine collector’s item. Btw, if you’re knee-high to a Jawa (or just a small child with too much pocket money), don’t bother – the armour’s size range is 5ft 2in-6ft 2in. Oh, and the blaster’s not included. Damn. BUY IT