Marmite: love it, hate it… art it

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If you listened to your parents as a child, you’ll know that playing with your food is a sin tantamount to holding the fork in your right hand, going out in the wrong coat, or tying fireworks to the cat’s tail then flinging it out of the window. Or was that just me?

Anyway, Marmite’s policy on feline cruelty remains a secret, but they certainly don’t agree that food is for eating, not for fun. The company’s latest promotional campaign is MarmArt, a site devoted entirely to home-made works of art created with the new squeeze Marmite. They’re even giving away a kit to help you get started.

A cool example of a brand interacting with its public, or a transparent attempt to turn user-generated content into a marketing campaign? You decide. But only after you’ve finished your greens.

By admin | September 22nd, 2006