Caple WCi46B high-tech wine cellar

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The times are long gone when a wine cellar meant a damp basement where you keep the Blue Nun until the next family party. Nowadays, wine cellars are high-tech appliances in their own right. Take Caple’s WCi46B, which sounds like a robot rejected from Star Wars, but looks like a fridge-full of grape-based goodness.

It’s got three and a half shelves for red wine, and two shelves for white wine – with the two areas separated so you can keep a different temperature in each. It can hold 30 bottles of red and 16 bottles of white, although be warned, if you’re prepared to invest around £500 in this kind of appliance, you’ll have to start setting your sights higher than what’s on offer for under four quid in Sainsbury’s…

By admin | September 28th, 2006