Carlsberg’s Draughtmaster can turn your home into a pub

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Forget canned or bottled lager. Tech Digest has a story on Carlsberg’s new Draughtmaster, a gadget which lets you pull your own draught pints (of Carlsberg Export, naturally) in the comfort of your own home. Finally, a kitchen gadget that men will actually use – think of all those smoothie-blenders and breadmakers rusting in the corner.

Is it a sign that social drinking is increasingly taking place in the home though? I’d love to concoct some kind of high-minded theory that samey chain pubs are driving people to drink at home, and that the lager firms are eagerly following them there with gadgets like this. But that might just be me getting old and crotchety.

Either way, the Draughtmaster is an intruiging gadget, particularly when Carlsberg start offering kegs of their other drinks for you to pull through it. How long till someone invents a version for cider though?