VW guitar

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So let me get this straight. VW has teamed up with guitar firm First Act to make an axe that you can play through your car’s sound system? Isn’t that a bit dangerous? Imagine if Clarkson gets his hands on it, and starts test-driving motors while cranking out the solo from Born To Be Wild. Grim.

Yet it’s true. According to Spin.com, anyone buying or leasing a model from VW’s 2007 range will get the guitar, complete with a VW logo on it and their own vehicle identification number. Better still, Slash is in the adverts. Obviously, the idea is not to drive and twiddle, but to stop your car before plugging in. A prize to the first rawk band to drive it up a mountain and recreate Jon Bon Jovi’s ‘Blaze Of Glory’ video. Except with a car in it, obviously.

By admin | October 4th, 2006