Hero of the day: Man-at-Arms

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Duncan, aka Man-at-Arms.

Job Watching He-Man’s back, inventing shit, being foster father to Teela.

Special powers Master of all weapons. Uncle-like wisdom. Looking like Nigel Mansell.

He says ‘I got your back He-Man, don’t worry ’bout a thing…’ (Or something like that)

They say ‘He has an understanding fatherly voice and rarely loses his temper. However, he is often infuriated by court jester Orko.’ [Wikipedia]

To watch Man-at Arms in action, click below…


Finest hour Being asked by the Sorceress of Greyskull to raise Teela. A proud moment for any guy. (Sniff.)

Did you know? In the 2002 He-Man cartoon, Man-at-Arms was voiced by actor Gary Chalk – Chalk had previously provided the voice of He-Man in the 1989 series ‘The New Adventures of He-Man’.

Why we love him

He’s a loyal motherf**ker. Every guy needs their own Man-at-Arms.

Man-at-Arms in action on YouTube…

By ShinyMedia | October 4th, 2006

  • mof gimmers

    Interesting to note that the action figure you could buy didn’t sport his famed ‘tasche… making him look like some rubbery burns victim.


  • Stu

    He’s a bit John Cleese in that light-sabre shot, I half expect him to break into a silly walk..