Logitech DiNovo Edge keyboard

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Brandish won’t feature keyboards very often, because keyboards are fricking dull. However, we’ll obviously make an exception for a keyboard that a) claims to be the ‘world’s most advanced keyboard’ and b) looks like it’s been ripped out of Darth Vader‘s TIE fighter. Logitech’s new diNovo Edge is created from a single piece of black Plexiglass, set into a
brushed-aluminum frame. It features touch-sensitive volume,
pointer, and scrolling controls, and function icons that appear when
you need them and disappear when you don’t. It’s also features Bluetooth. ‘Excellent (evil laugh) – we’ll take 10,000 for the new Death Star… it costs a hundred and fity quid, you say? Hmm, can we come to some sort of deal?’ LOGITECH

By ShinyMedia | October 4th, 2006

  • Ed

    This looks really nice. I have unfortuantely had problems with another of their high end keyboard packages (the MX5000) that I hope isn’t indicative of the quality of their kit. The keyboard has now been retired to a drawer as a few times a day it would lose the connection. This was annoying in itself, but it would also only do it during a keypress which the computer interpreted as you holding that key down. Most annoying. And the touch sensitive volume slider and media controls, yes they’re touch sensitive, if your touch is strong enough to tip the keyboard up in the air! General build quality was not great either.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a logitech basher, I swear by their mice and love the laser mouse that comes with the package (I bought this package after buying the logitech wireless laser mouse for home), but the keyboard was a letdown. (Silly me bought it on ebay and it’s the US version, so trying to make a warranty claim will be a friutless task I fear)

    This keyboard looks the dogs, and I’m sure the mouse that comes with it will be excellent. I’d want to have a demo of it though before parting with my hard earned.

  • Ollie

    Interesting comments Ed, thanks!

    Ollie, Brandish Ed.