Logitech DiNovo Edge keyboard

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Brandish won’t feature keyboards very often, because keyboards are fricking dull. However, we’ll obviously make an exception for a keyboard that a) claims to be the ‘world’s most advanced keyboard’ and b) looks like it’s been ripped out of Darth Vader‘s TIE fighter. Logitech’s new diNovo Edge is created from a single piece of black Plexiglass, set into a
brushed-aluminum frame. It features touch-sensitive volume,
pointer, and scrolling controls, and function icons that appear when
you need them and disappear when you don’t. It’s also features Bluetooth. ‘Excellent (evil laugh) – we’ll take 10,000 for the new Death Star… it costs a hundred and fity quid, you say? Hmm, can we come to some sort of deal?’ LOGITECH