Hero of the day: Bob Ross

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Name Bob Ross.

Job TV artist – Bob Ross was America’s answer to Rolf Harris. His TV show, The Joy of Painting, was watched by millions. He passed away in 1995.

Special powers Painting log cabins and mountain scenes. Using his awesomely relaxing ‘Voice of God’ to send you to sleep.

He says ‘I’m just gonna paint me a happy little tree.’

They say ‘The cloud is dead, the fog has cleared, the sun is peeking through a happy little tree. Bob Ross? Yes, he’s underground…’ [Avant-garde hip-hop group cLOUDDEAD namecheck Bob in the lyrics to their song ‘And All You Can Do Is Laugh, part 1’]

To see Bob in action (highly recommended if you’re feeling stressed), click below…


Finest hour The rumours that Nintendo were planning a Bob Ross: Joy of Painting videogame for the Wii and DS Lite. Please, Mr Nintendo, make it so.

Did you know? Bob features briefly in cult Channel 4 sitcom Peep Show. He was referred to as ‘God’ as Jeremy watched his show on TV and asked ‘Blimey, what’s God up to now?’

Why we love him
He’s just so damn chilled out. And he makes painting look so easy. But we mainly love him for his Valium-infused, caramel-coated voice, which should be prescribed to anyone having a bad day.

Bob doing his thing on YouTube…

By ShinyMedia | October 5th, 2006