A flat that swings in the wind

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Let’s face it, the view out of most flats isn’t that good. Grey skies, dirty streets, dog-eared St George flags… But imagine if you could change your view on a whim. That’s the idea behind The Wind-Shaped Pavilion, a concept building designed by Michael Jantzen. It’s designed as a large fabric structure with six segments, which rotate separately according to the wind. However, he says it could also be adapted for housing.

"If the structure’s scale and the materials were to change, it could become an apartment complex, and or some other commercial building," he says. "In this case, the occupants could take control and rotate the segments to adjust to changing desires or needs, such as weather conditions, best views, etc."

Obviously, this looks better in the middle of a big green field than it would plonked in the centre of Neasden. But still, I look forward to someone attempting it on the next series of Grand Designs.