Hero of the day: Keith Moon

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Keith John Moon (August 23, 1946 – September 7, 1978)

Job Madcap drummer and hell raiser with The Who.

Special powers Being the greatest ever drummer to have walked the planet whilst being under the influence of enough booze that would kill a bull seal.

He said "I still think I’m the best ‘Keith Moon styled’ drummer around." Or better still, his last words "If you don’t like, you can just fuck off" (strangley apt I think)

They said "The Who died with Keith Moon…" (The surviving members of the band)

Finest hour
Every single record he featured on.

Did you know? Animal from The Muppets is based on Keith Moon in both choice of instrument and wild bug-eyed chaos. (pictured… as if you needed telling). Also, during an appearance on the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour TV show in the US, he overloaded a drum with explosive charges which were detonated during the finale of My Generation‘,
which resulted in permanent hearing damage and singed hair for Pete Townshend and caused Bette Davis to faint. Marvellous!Animal

Why we love him He’s just about the only rock star to have raised that much hell, and still be regarded as a charming and ace man. Crashing the world’s only purple Rolls Royce into a swimming pool? Randomly adpoting an plumby English accent and referring to all as ‘Dear boy’ for a whole year? What’s not to love?

Keith Moon on YouTube…

By mofgimmers | October 9th, 2006