Hero of the day: Boba Fett

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Boba Fett

Job Bad-ass bounty hunter in a Galaxy Far, Far Away.

Special powers Other than being completely nails, Boba is the only person to give Darth Vader some lip and get away with it. He’s also a clone of his rock hard dad, Jango, who is the basis for the entire clone army.

He said ‘You are foolish to waste your kindness on this dumb creature – no lower life form is worth going hungry for, friend.’

They said ‘I see why they call you the best bounty hunter in the galaxy.’ Darth Vader actually sucking up to Boba.

Finest hour
Have I mentioned that he’s bad-ass? Well, other than that, Boba Fett’s capture of Han Solo and freezing him in carbon is pretty tough to beat.

Did you know? In The Empire Strikes Back, designers were looking for a radical design
shape for Boba Fett’s ship and ended up using a street lamp plucked
off a post outside the building where they worked. So essentially, Boba rides around in a big lamp, aka Slave 1.

Why we love him There is no reason not to like Boba. He’s got a chip on his shoulder. He’s hard as nails. He looks cool. He can fly. He can fire rockets from his back. He is, quite simply, the man.


By mofgimmers | October 10th, 2006