Top five stylish 60s stars

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McqueenThe sixties had loads of cool blokes, and being honest, half of us still dress like them. Whether you think you’re Mod-esque in your suit, or pulling on a box fresh tracksuit, the boys in the sixties had beaten you to the punch.

1. Steve McQueen. A man with effortless cool. Sharp trousers coupled with super cool knitwear. Capped off with hard man sunglasses, you know that you wanna be him. McQueen is a great example of a stylish man that doesn’t turn into a dandy.

2. Peter Fonda. For those who like to give off a ‘I’m not really trying’ vibe, Peter Fonda is the man you ape. There is definitely effort going into you choice in the wardrobe, but you kick against convention. For everyone who kids themselves thinking they look like a Beatle… you don’t. Kaftan and floor length hair is too risque. Fonda is the man you ape.

3. Bruce Lee. Anyone who takes pride in the sportswear in their cupboard took influence from Bruce Lee. No question. Who hasn’t wanted the yellow suit from
Game of Death too? Bruce was also a sharp suit dresser too.

4. Michael Caine. Who made glasses cool? Why do you think you’ve got those chunky rimmed specs on? During his classics (Alfie, Get Carter and The Ipcress File) Caine combines killer tailored threads and a dead pan delivery… don’t tell me you haven’t pulled your cuff thinking you’re the nuts?

Smallfaces 5. The Small Faces. Ok, the band may be a bit too wet for some pallets, but face it, 99% of people who take an interest in Mod-wear, are after something that The Small Faces would be seen in. Italian suits coupled with desert boots. Or maybe, you’re more of a nice wool over a sharp shirt? You still want to look like Steve Marriot.