Top five useless inventions

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Fire_escapeInventors. Who’d be one? After watching the Dragon’s Den, you can see what  torrid time they get. It must be hit and miss too. I bet Trevor Bayliss cam e up with some howlers before making a wind-up radio. Well, let’s look at some bizarre devices that some people think we need.

1. In 1909, some daft idiot came up with this flying cape idea for a fire escape. All it would serve to do is make you look cool has you plummeted to your inevitable firey cloaked death. To add misery to this, I’m almost certain that someone had already invented ladders by this point.

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2. The Butter Stick is a frankly mental idea. Butter isn’t too big a problem is it? Not problem enough to warrant carrying it around in a glue dispenser surely? In fact, the only problem with butter is that you can’t spread it sometimes, and the butter stick is surely going to be no help at all… unless you want a big round buttery ball of dough.


3. Now, one can almost see the logic in this. Duster Cat Slippers. They idle around your house doing very little except eating. Well, make them earn their grub by getting them to dust when they walk! Obviously you’ll have to ignore the fact that they lick their anus, then inevitable trying and lick their paws, thus spreading cat anus all over your nice new floor boards. Other than that it’s genius.


4. Honestly… just how stupid would you have to be to come up with an idea like this? Firstly, if you wanted to cool your grub down, you could merely leave it a couple of minutes before tucking in. If you prefer the process sped up a little, then you could buy an ordinary fan and aim it at the plate… as opposed to dangling it off your cutlery. Might make the washing up a bit tricky too.

5. This is almost brilliant. The self saluting hat. Walking along, you see a nice lady and *BAM* you tip your hat without having to move your hands. Therein lies the problem one suspects. Your hat moves up and down, (presumably making a fair old racket) leaving you looking like a pervy Inspector Gadget with his hands in his pocket.

By mofgimmers | October 12th, 2006

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    Items 2, 3, and 4 are from the book “101 Unuseless Japanese Inventions: The Art of Chindogu” and nobody _ever_ thought people would need them.