Hero of the day: Ulysses 31

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Job Futuristic Greek god, who annoyed Zeus by destorying the Cyclops. Consequently, Ulysses was sentenced to wander through space to try and find a way back to Earth.

Special powers Looking like Eric Gerets (former Belgian Football captain).

He said ‘Without the light of the Cyclops they are quite harmless!’

They said ‘Ulysses, Ulysses, soaring through all the galaxies…’ and ‘Ulyseeeeeeees, no-one else can do the things you dooooooo…’ (both from the theme tune)

Finest hour The very fact that he is a futuristic Greek God travelling through space in a great big sail-propelled spaceship and trying to find Earth is fine enough, but it’s the deadly chess match that Ulysses took part in that wins the plaudits.

Did you know? The show, looking for all the world like a French production, was in fact a Japanese show, produced specifically for French-speaking markets such as France (naturellement), Belgium and Canada. Ulysses 31 revisited many of the Greek myths with alarming accuracy. Ulysses 31 has recently resurfaced in a late evening slot on Fox Kids and is available to buy on DVD. Unfortunately, the figures that were around in the Eighties have yet to be re-issued. Ulysses_figure

Why we love him He has the best theme tune of any cartoon ever, and took his son, Telemachus along for his perilous journey (good man). He’s also one of the few heroes to sport long hippie hair and a beard. Are you listening Jayce and your poxy Wheeled Warriors?

Ulysses 31 on YouTube