Top five retro cars

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Shelby_cobra1. The Shelby Cobra. Sex on wheels. Capable of 165 mph (that was quick back in the sixties) the Cobra was designed to compete with the heavy-weights of the time… and it did. It was also the most handsome thing on the road. If anyone would like to buy me one… I’ll stop now shall I?

1967ferrari365californiaspyder2. The Ferrari 365 (Spyder). You couldn’t have a cool car list and not have a Ferrari in could you? This is a masterpiece in design. It’s also quicker than shit off a shovel. Motoring dynamite!

3. The Dodge Challenger. Jesus. Look at it. A behemoth of the road. It probably does 1 mile to the gallon, but who cares? Driving around in this would compensate for your lack of manliness and the women’s heads would certainly turn.

4. The E-Type Jaguar. Again, you couldn’t have a cool car listing without the most beautiful car ever made. The E-Type is a design classic. From the moment it was unveiled at the 1961 Geneva Motor Show, the E-type Jaguar was a sensation… and if was good enough for George Best and George Harrison, it’s good enough for anybody else.

5. MG Midget. You see a lot of Midget’s knocking around (the seventies version mostly) but that shouldn’t put you off. The Midget is jaw dropping to look at, and one of Britain’s best. You can pick them up pretty cheap, which means you can zoom around the countryside pretending you’re a sixties spy… and who doesn’t want that?