Dress your iPod for Halloween

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Back in the day, owning an iPod set you apart as a tech-savvy man of taste and distinction. You knew your MP3s from your AACs, you had your entire CD collection at hand 24-7, and muggers still hadn’t worked out that white earphones meant a cash bonanza. Not any more. Every man, woman, child and beast now has seven iPods littered around the house. So how to stand out from the crowd?

Well, you could dress yours up as, er, a devil. Bear with me on this one. Leading (i.e. only) iPod costume firm iAttire has a new range of Halloween-themed accessories on sale in time for the spooky season.

The $19.99 devil costume is hand-made from plush crushed velvet, and includes horns, a tail and the obligatory pitchfork. There’s also masquerade eye-masks and bunny costumes. What do bunnies have to do with Halloween? No idea! But one thing’s for sure: you’re unlikely to meet anyone else on the train with an iPod clad in these. Really.

By admin | October 16th, 2006