Five reasons why tailored beats off-the-peg

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Looking for a new suit? There’s plenty out there, with prices for every budget. But have you ever though about going to a tailor? In my book, there are many reasons to choose a tailor above your local department store – but here’s my top five.

1. A tailor can be cheaper

Forget Savile Row, out in the real world, there’s a tailor or two in every town or city – and with prices that aren’t aimed at affluent executives. A tailored suit, including the cost of material, can cost as little as £300. Compare that to the designer range on your high street.

2. It’s been made by a craftsman

A tailor does one thing – tailoring. Many have been at it for years, giving everything they make their total attention – after all, if you’re not happy, you’re unlikely to go back. If you see a loose thread or an uneven cuff, you can get it sorted out free of charge. Don’t expect the same level of quality or service on the high street.

3. You’re buying a suit that fits you

There’s no such thing as the average male – we’re all different in many small ways. So why pay a premium for a suit not made specifically for you? A tailor will measure you up and make any number of small changes until it’s the perfect fit.

4. You’re buying one of a kind

While some designer labels claim exclusivity, there’s every chance that you could bump into someone with the same suit. No chance if you get one made – from the choice of material to the width of the trousers – it’s strictly a one-off.

5. It’s been created by the designer who know you best


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