Reuters sends real reporter into Second Life game

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Adam Pasick (pictured as himself and his online persona: Image: ©Jonathan Bainbridge/Reuters), a real reporter for distinguished news agency Reuters, has been dispatched to the realms of online role-playing game Second Life, to report on news in that virtual world. You could see this as a clever bit of PR for Reuters, but it’s also a sign of how influential MMORPGs (massive multiplayer online role-playing game) like Second Life and World of Warcraft (WoW) have become. Second Life has almost a million residents now, whilst WoW has almost seven million global subscriptions. It seems people are happy to spend more time in fake worlds than dealing with real issues. That’s fine on an individual basis, but how will this impact on society in general?


Pasick, 30, isn’t the first journo or blogger to embed inside a virtual gaming world, but he is the first full-time reporter from a major news agency to do so. You can read his reports here: LINK

I’ve never played Second Life or WoW, so I find this story all the more remarkable. It will be very interesting to see a) just how much bigger MMORPGs become, and b) how long Reuters maintains a Second Life bureau. Watch this space…

[Via The New York Times]