Romance in a box

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SlobTo most men, romance is not falling asleep after sex. To other men, romance is turning up with some flowers bought from a petrol station. Well, your prayers may have been answered.

A range of "sexual fantasy boxes" have been devised for men who want to introduce something different into their sex lives but don’t want to appear unromantic or unloving.

The boxes contain everything needed for a saucy romp including lingerie, costumes, sex toys and even booklets suggesting storylines and hints on how to improve your sex life. Unbelievably, you can choose from Arabian Nights, French Maids and Workmen. If only I was making it up.

"Fantasies are something people can be very nervous, guilty and shy about, especially women. So men do worry about broaching the subject. Yet an active imagination can actually help you attain a fulfilling sex life,’ said founder of the Sheila’s Comforts, Sheila Taylor, who consulted over 100 women about their own sex lives and fantasies before putting together her collection.

"Sex is a physical act but if the brain is not engaged, not much is going to happen. A fantasy can be as varied as your imagination and research shows more women than man think about it. It also shows that people who fantasize the most are in happy, loving, trusting relationships. But it is getting started that can put people off. Role playing and fantasies are a part of human nature but it is not about rubber and bondage, it is about romance and excitement," she added. "Men often want to introduce the idea of fantasies but either don’t know how to do it or are worried that their partner might not like the idea. So I have put together a collection of boxes that allows men to approach the subject in a romantic and loving way."

Gentlemen, welcome to the modern way of giving your loved one an ill fitting, ill advised bustier! These boxes are aimed at bringing fun into the bedroom, and are aimed at men who want to discreetly introduce new ideas into their sex lives. The boxes are ‘beautifully wrapped’ and even have a secret shelf to hide any risque items that you don’t want anyone else discovering in your bedroom.

If you want in on this filthy little action, you can buy one of the various fantasy boxes by clicking here. Keep in mind that it isn’t the fault of Brnadish if you get a slap.

By mofgimmers | October 18th, 2006