Top five horror DVDs

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With Halloween approacing at a scary speed, Brandish proudly presents its Top 5 Horror DVDs:

5 Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace

This brilliant parody of low-rent Brit-horror, set in Darkplace Hospital in Romford, first hit our TV screens back in 2004, but it’s only been released on DVD this week. It’s been worth the wait (I think Channel Four is currently repeating the first series at the moment, too). If you’ve not seen Darkplace before, you can get a taste of it by watching the opening credits sequence here. In the humble opinion of Brandish, it’s the most underrated British sitcom of the last decade. BUY IT


The Omen
This remake of classic horror movie The Omen, which hit cinemas on 6 June this year (6/6/06, geddit), is actually worth watching. Despite receiving mixed reviews, it features some genuinely scary moments. It’s out on DVD on 23 October, just in time for Halloween, and features all sorts of extras, including the usual director’s commentary and a ‘making of’ featurette. It’s not quite as good as the Gregory Peck original, but if you like horror, you’ll like this. BUY IT

3 The Simpsons: Treehouse of Horror

Treehouse of Horror finds Homer and family on top scary form. This DVD collects together four classic horror-themed Halloween episodes, now something of a Simpsons tradition. Best is Episode V in which a lack of TV and beer drives Homer crazy. It’s a great parody of The Shining (more on that below), except Homer’s version is called ‘The Shinning’. (‘You mean The Shining?’ Bart asks. ‘Shh,
you want to get sued?’ replies Homer). BUY IT

2 The Wicker Man: Special Edition Director’s Cut

Forget the unbelievably crap Nicolas Cage remake – the original Wicker Man will never be bettered for sheer weird-out creepiness. Christopher Lee is in brilliant form as the cross-dressing Lord Summerisle, and the ending still horrifies the bejeesus out of us. The Director’s Cut special edition is now available for less than £6 at Amazon. Bargain. BUY IT

The Shining/The Exorcist
Two of the scariest horror movies in history, in one DVD package, for less than a tenner. Yes please. For our money, Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining is the better film of the two and more unnerving too. That said, Brian De Palma’s The Exorcist is still a classic and features some very jumpy moments, not least of which is the brief cut to the demon’s face. We’ll be hidden behind the sofa for that bit. BUY IT