Home-brew beer machine

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The_beer_machineHome brew? Rubbish. Pub turned into bar? RUUUUUBBBISSSHHHH! Ok gentlemen, what do you suggest? Get some spirits in and get wrecked? Well, to add to your spirits, you can pour yourself a nice pint too with the wonderful Beer Machine.

Some Canadians have made home brewed beer that is worthy of supping. Also, it is now dangerously easy to make. To use, it’s simple. Just add the beer mixture (made from 100% natural ingredients and free of all those cack tasting chemicals) and in seven to ten days you’ll have 17 pints of ace beer. It’ll probably last you an evening, but boy, it’ll be a fun evening. BUY IT for £99

By mofgimmers | October 20th, 2006