Avoid iPod muggers with the Discreet Sound System

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‘It’ being the earphones, of course. Those pesky white cords might look cool on silhouetted people dancing to Bob Dylan on the TV, but they’re a magnet for street thugs looking for an easy few quid. Help could be at hand, thankfully.

Graduate industrial designer Reece Myers has come up with a ‘Discreet Sound System’, which consists of tiny wireless speakers which sit under your hat or headband. Okay, so it does require you to wear a hat or headband, which might not be to everyone’s taste (and in some districts, is probably equally likely to get you mugged).

It works by bone conduction technology, which has the added bonus that you can hear external noises like swinging baseball bats approaching traffic, because the earphones aren’t blocking your eardrum. Let’s just hope Reece finds a company to turn his invention into a commercial product.

(via 24dash)