Five most wanted Xbox 360 games

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5 Pro Evolution Soccer 6

To die-hard fans, Konami’s Pro Evo series is akin to a religion – quite right too, as there is no better football game on the planet. The latest in the revered PES canon will be released on 27 October and we can’t wait. It’s a shame that Konami and Microsoft couldn’t also bring out a standard Xbox version, but they know that people (me included) will buy a 360 purely to play the new Pro Evo. It’s a cynical move on their part, but when a game is this damn addictive, what can you do but BUY IT

4 Gears of War: Limited Edition

GoW is easily one of the best of the first wave of 360 games and good enough to tide us over until Bungie launches Halo 3 next year. GoW is a third-person shooter which tells the story of mankind’s struggle against the Locust Horde, an ugly bunch of critters who live beneath the Earth. Stunning high-def graphics, innovative gameplay and cool weapons (including a gun with chainsaw bayonet attachment) define this brilliant game. The Limited Edition version shown here will also include a graphic novel and ‘making of’ documentary. GoW will be released in Europe on 17 November. BUY IT

3 Test Drive Unlimited

TDU is a welcome return to form for the series and offers a truly original driving experience. The gane is set in Hawaii. The game’s developers mapped out vast tracts of the island for you to tour. The most interesting aspect of TDU is its online play. Once
you’ve selected a car (and passed your driving test of course) you can drive
around a virtual Hawaii populated with real drivers. If you pass a fellow driver you can flash your headlights as a challenge and then race against them across the island. Brilliant idea. In this respect, TDU can legitimately be called one of the first MMORPG console games. BUY IT

2 Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2007

Gamers have fallen out of love with the Tiger Woods series. They were great at first, but EA, who make the game, hasn’t evolved the series enough. Each year we get a few minor tweaks but nothing much to shout about. And it’s just too easy – within minutes of playing, pretty much anyone can shoot the lights out with a glut of eagles and birdies. Thankfully, the 2007 version, out on 27 October, has fixed a lot of these problems. The game is now much more difficult (especially putting) and the next-gen graphics are lovely. BUY IT

1 Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Double Agent

We’re big fans of the Spinter Cell franchise. They make a refreshing antidote to the chaotic carnage of most action games; you have to think your way through a Splinter Cell game. As the title suggests, the tables have been turned in this outing. As usual, you play as covert agent Sam Fisher, only this time you are faced with a series of moral dilemmas (the title is a clue). Who do you betray, who do you protect? This is quality fare with high production values. We’re glad to report that the online gameplay has been greatly improved too. BUY IT