Learn to fly… but not like this

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A heartbreaking story in today’s Metro about Mark Clews, who built a life-sized balsa wood plane that would be launched using an enormous elastic band, and would fly more than 900 metres. He spent six months building the plane at his studio in Fulham, and yesterday tried to launch it from Dunsford Aerodrome near Guildford.

"The plan was that when the propeller was let go, it would spin really fast like a real aeroplane and
allow us to taxi and take off," says Clews. "But it didn’t really get going and the farthest we went was five metres. The plane never got airborne. In fact at one point it went backwards."

However, all’s well that ends well. Clews is actually an artist, and has turned his project into a show, called ‘Learn To Fly’, which opens on November 9th.

(via Metro)