Gorilla pod camera tripod

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You’d think a gorilla pod is the last thing you’d want to meet while on holiday – a close-knit community of grumpy simians eager to tear you limb from limb and feed you to their young. But no. A gorilla pod is actually a rather nifty new tripod accessory for your camera, which is designed to cling onto branches (left), tables, rocks or whatever surface you want.

It comes in compact and SLR-sized versions, and has three sturdy legs with flexible joints that can rotate through 360 degrees, providing you with a stable base for your shots no matter how rough the terrain. It costs £19.99 for the compact model, and £39.99 for the SLR model.

Okay, so it won’t stop you being eaten by wild jungle animals, but at least your shots of their slavering jaws won’t be blurred when someone finds your camera later…