Top five autographed rock guitars on eBay

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1. Signed guitar from the Freddie Mercury tribute gig

Back in 1992, before Brian May had even thought of setting foot on the roof of Buckingham Palace, a galaxy of stars came together to pay tribute to the recently-deceased Queen frontman Freddie Mercury. It was a big bash, and this electro-acoustic guitar was backstage, being scribbled on by many of the performers. May and Roger Taylor from Queen, Def Leppard, Extreme, Metallica, Bob Geldof and, er, Cindy Crawford have all signed it. The current price is £1,551.99. BID ON IT

2. Guitar signed by… AC/DC

The legendary Aussie band took time out from playing with their Big Balls to sign this brand new Fender Strat-style guitar. It’s been autographed by Angus Young, Malcolm Young and Cliff Williams in bright blue marker pen. The seller’s a bit of a spoilsport though, recommending that you don’t play it, but instead put it on display. Tsk, if Brandish owned this guitar, the first thing we’d do is crank out the riff to Back In Black… BID ON IT

3. Guitar signed by… Bon Jovi

This Harmony acoustic guitar has been signed by the whole of Bon Jovi, and would make the ideal instrument for, say, standing on top of a mountain twanging away while singing about going down in a blaze of glory. To pick an example out of the air. Weirdly, the seller promises to send you a photo of themself with Jon Bon Jovi – presumably as proof that the guitar really was signed by the New Jersey lotharios. BID ON IT

Meatloaf 4. Guitar signed by… Meat Loaf

He would do anything for love, and right now he’s back in the press spotlight thanks to his third Bat Out Of Hell album, which has just been released. As far as I can tell, this involves patiently fielding comedy questions from interviewers about whether they should call him Meat or Mr Loaf. Anyway, this Fender Strat-style guitar looks exactly the same as the AC/DC one above, except with Meat’s signature on the white bit in, yes, blue marker. BID ON IT

5. Guitar signed by… Metallica

Bands don’t come any more metal than Metallica, even if they do occasionally slip into Spinal Tapisms. Anyway, this white Fender guitar rawks, and not just because it’s been signed by Kirk, Lars and Robert from the band. Not James the frontman, then, but you can’t have everything. But the coolest thing about it is the custom paint job, which admittedly looks a bit like something a pasty-faced A-Level art student would do. But that’s pretty metal. BID ON IT