Five quirky cufflinks

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It’s a small step between slightly quirky and being the office clown. These five sets of cufflinks should get you some attention – but without being labelled the local joker.

1. Lego cufflinks

Show you’re in touch with your inner child with these Lego cufflinks. Actually, they’re called Forever Young cufflinks and are designed by Jacqueline Sanchez.

Handmade, they have a sterling silver base and retail for around £80.

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2. Dunhill vintage car headlight cufflinks

Inspired by car headlights from the 20s and 30s, these sterling silver cufflinks have the pattern engraved underneath the transparent lacquer for "depth and perspective".

With a hand-polished finish, they retail for a hefty £185.

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3. Computer circuitboard cufflinks

One for the IT staff, these cufflinks are actually made from green
circuitboards, with a silver-plated finish.

You can pick then up for
$64 (which is around £35).

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4. Paul Smith Naked Lady cufflinks

Cufflinks that should really get you some attention!  These Naked Lady
cufflinks are just on the right side of office-friendly, with the print
in ceramic on metal base.

Priced at £69.

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5. Budweiser cufflinks

Ok, these might sneak into the joker category, but if you want to show
yourself as the part animal in your grey suit, these Budweiser
cufflinks are just the thing,

They’ll even thrown in a bottle opener
for £18 price tag.

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