Hero of the day: Dylan Moran

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Name Dylan Moran

Job Comic genius

and drunk Irishman

Special Powers

The ability to continue to stand up after seemingly endless booze. The magical powers of humour through surreal trains of thought.

He said "Bradford? Well you know it’s the kind of place you go to commit suicide and find they have run out of razor blades… Telford? Oh god Telford, Telford makes Bradford look like paradise, you go to these places purely to experience the overwhelming joy of leaving them."

They said Veering in apparent random fashion across a series of topics ranging from religion to politics to aging to the differences between Americans and Europeans, the tousle-haired, unkempt comic seems more like someone desperately trying to make conversation at a party.

Fortunately, much of that conversation is very, very funny.(NYTIMES)

Finest hour His brilliant performances in Black Books as Bernard Black. Bitter, drunk, cynical, obtuse, stubborn, funny, hapless, even more drunk… absolutely genius in every way.

Did you know? That his fave band are the Velvet Underground and he’s a huge fan of pheasent. He also won the 1996 Perrier Comedy Award at the Edinburgh Festival. In winning the award, he narrowly beat fellow comedian Bill Bailey, whom he would later work with in Black Books.

Dylan Moran on YouTube