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Tissot_ttouch Tissot has a strong watchmaking heritage – check out the driver’s PRS 516 from the 60s for a timeless timepiece. They’re still doing it too – combining classic looks with state-of-the-art technology, most recently ith the Tissot T-Touch.

A big, chunky watch and bracelet packed with all manner of functions, all accessed via a touch-sensitive screen. These include an accurate Altimeter (in feet and metres), Chronograph, Compass, Alarm, Thermometer (in ºC and ºF), Barometer as well as Date and Time (choice of 12H and 24H).

The T-Touch Polished Titanium model retails for around £455, with a black strap version available at £435. The most expensive watch I’ll be recommending this week – but a solid investment from a quality watchmaker.

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By ShinyMedia | October 25th, 2006

  • James

    I would like to make a complaint against Tissot for their unreliable T-Touch Watch they ever produced.

    I bought Tissot T-Touch watch 3 years ago. It works fine, but recently the most awesome touch screen started not function well. Due to its price, I don’t think it should be so unreliable. I went back to the shop I bought the T-Touch watch, they told me I should go to the Swatch Customer Care by myself, as there is several other T-Touch owners who ask them to send for repair had waited 2-3 months. They even showed me several invoices from Swatch Customer Care, all of them are due to touch screen problem.

    I went to Swatch Customer Care and waited for nearly 2 hours. The technician told me that my watch need to be serviced and require 6 – 8 weeks to order the parts. I asked them what happened to my watch; they told me it needs to change the touch screen and whole movement. Total will be 178 Singapore dollars.

    Ironically, there is the Tissot catalog stated that it is only watch using the swiss flag, and it represents golden quality for silver price. I really don’t think so. If Tissot T-Touch can be as good as Casio Protrek triple sensors, I will be more than happy.

    I hope Tissot can and will improve its quality and hopefully can carry a Japanese flag I the near future.


  • kobi barak

    My name is Jakob Barak I am a pilot and an electrical engineer from israel.
    I purchase a Tissot T Touch watch tow years ago, Mainly on because that my father was an pilot in the second world war and his Tissot watch not only passed the war is also work till today (from 1930). Obviously today Tissot are fare away from that.
    My first Tissot T Touch watch become out of order three months after I bought it , then thy fix it and it stop to function again after three months , And was spoiled again and again 4 times.
    For my completion thought that the exchange of the clock is implicit, but not in Tissot. For them it is reputed as favor, and after fight and many letters it was exchanged the watch to a new one, and I wish that it was end of the story. But in the new watch the amazing story repeated himself, And as of today the new watch was spoiled already three times. There is to point out that on Angelina Jolie in the movie of the watch look wonderful, But in my opinion it is not enough, and it also should work sometimes. The second time already I did checksin the internet forums and turn Out that it is not only my problem, and I have 5000 mail of people all over the word that have the same problem with Tissot watches. Ironic the representation in Israel gave service over the her buoy, but to know Tissot reparation on the sorrow and the time is identical watch or more inexpensive. ( it in an attempt that impossible to buy omega).
    The watch is built with functions to the pilots but with reliability of market in Thailand.

    Jekob barak

    [email protected]

  • brian masson

    this watch is junk im on my 3rd replacment one in 13 months of first purchase 3 watches in this time would point to serious build problems one the watch is not waterproof it has a cheap pop off back but the back plate hase falce indents which serve no purpose make it look like a propper compression lock on removal pop off the back you find a plastic membrane waterproof ??? a cuckoo clock would be more water proof a watch maker in thailand opend it for me then blew the water out of it with a puffer but the dam watch has been destroyed by bad desigin and a a claim to be 30 meter waterproof tisso cut out the cheap money saveing tactics put a correct back on the watch

  • farhad
  • Ivan Mao

    I have bought a T-touch from India at the end of March, 2007 and then came back to China. The No. of my watch is QKP-BC-26573 and Z254/354. It is beautiful,I like it very much. But now it looks something is wrong about the touch screen. When I press T botton, the hands only point to CHORNO, I can not use any other functions. It is only less that 3 months! Is it the gold quality? I use it carefully and never shock it. As a famous brand of watch in the world, I trust TISSOT very much. But now I feel a little disappointed about the quality. I don want to say bad words about this products, but I really hope to get a satisfying solution about the quality problem. Or I am afraid I will change my choice.

    Ivan Mao

  • Matt

    Well here we go! my T-Touch titanium has been the most unreliable watch I have ever owned.(fake copy watches from china included!)In the 2 Years I have owned it I have had it on my wrist for a total of 3 months. The rest of the time it has been in the hands of the service center at The Swatch Group Australia. I Just received it back again and 5 days later it is not functioning properly! I have demanded a replacement previously (aftr the 5th time in for service)but the Brand manager at the swatch Group refused to replace it. After threats of taking the mater to the small claims tribunal. I was told the watch will be replaced. It never happened! they just returned my original watch repaired. 6 times it has been repaired! Enough is enough. I want a refund. Don’t even consider this watch.

  • Ivan Mao

    I have sent my Tissot T-touch to a repair center in Shanghai on 25, June and got it back on 5, July. The technician repaired it. I am satisfied with there service and short time. But today I find something is wrong with the damn watch again. It is only half month from I got it back! And it is only three months from I bought it! This time it is a new problem, compass function is dead. The hands can only point one direction. And I cannot use altimeter. When I touch Altimeter, it do never work now!
    Now I am losing my patience. Considering the price I did not think Tissot is only an inferior brand of watch before. But now I am doubting. Their Chinese agent told me that I can change new one from the shop I bought it. But I bought the watch from Delhi, India! Even if I bought it from moon, it is your Tissot product! If I can not get a refund, only thing I can do is tell everyone who want to buy Tissot, it is really shit, forget it and buy any other brand, even if Chinese fake copy! Maybe we must found a Tissot Fool Association to strive for our deserved rights!

    Ivan Mao

  • steven

    Unreliable , that`s us . should be the slogan of tissot I bought my watch here in Indonesia .after purchasing the thing what they call timepiece it took me exactly 1 shower to find out it wasn`t waterproof . after repair at the dealer it was running for another week or so till the battery stopped . again to the dealer . now i`m 5 months futher with my so called timepiece and the time adjustment button fell off . still no problem until the thing stopped running and I couldn`t adjust the time anymore .this is where I contacted customer service trough the website of tissot . I got a reply within 3 days , telling me to contact the office in Jakarta , so I did . waited for a week . contacted again . and waiting again ,till now no reply of what so ever . I asked them in my last e mail how it comes that the service is as bad as their watches , their reply: we are so sorry . damned I have to buy another 1 dollar toystore watch again in my primitive village to keep up with time and appointments

  • sal prost


    Swiss quality is not what it used to be. I brought my t-touch to the customer care four months after I bought it as the compass stopped working. They fixed it (it took them two months) and now four months later we are back to square one: not working again. Given the rather high price, I was expecting that it would work properly – sadly, I got disappointed. I will not be buying Tissot watches again.

  • James

    Do not Touch Tissot Touch with a barge pole unles you want to invest a tidy sum of money in a product that is over complicated and totally unreliable. I was given one as a gift about 18 months ago. I dont even bother with the touch screen any more as the gimmick has worn off.The minute hand has always been out of sync. with the digital minute reading by 1 minute. Now after 18 months the battery has suddenly gone flat,none of the jewellers are interested in replacing the battery.After reading the reviews on this site I can now see why.

  • asdf

    RE: hands disagreeing with the time in the LCD.
    This is user-correctable.
    See manual page 4, titled “Synchronization”.
    1. Press T button
    2. touch center until you see the 24h/units
    3. hold down T for 5 seconds until you see “Synchro” in the LCD.
    4. use the + button to move the long hand to 12 o’clock, use the – button to move the short hand to 12 o’clock
    6. press T button to commit settings.

    Hands will move to agree with the time in LCD.

    I am also a dissatisfied Tissot T-Touch owner. Compass keeps breaking down. Barometer and Alti are underestimating pressure.
    Mine has been repaired 5 times.
    Was told that a magnetized case was the cause.

  • Tomas Vojtek

    I bought T-touch watches 6 months ago. They are already second time in service. Compas worked first month, thats it. First time it tooks them 6weeks to repair and compas worked for 5 days. Everithing else is fine, but i think barometer is underestimating presure as well, alti seems to be allright so far. If those watches were cheap shit i wouldnt complain, but they wasnt. Tissot, never again.

  • keith gilbert

    they suck worst money i have ever spent and the company does not back their watches

  • Ras

    I would never recommend Tissot T touch to any one as within 4 months of the purchase date, my pride and joy watch broke down and then again a months ago.I have wasted my 300£ for nothing, and now back on my digital CASIO.

  • Amit K

    I was plannin to buy Tissot T Touch – but after reading above comments I am really afraid that whether I should buy it or not. Please adivce, even though all above comments indicate me that I should not buy.

  • Khalil

    Well, I am a proud owner of a titanium t-touch which is now two weeks old. Its a great looking watch and since its titanium its featherlight. I must say I didnt read the reviews before I baught the watch. You have that luxury, so think about it very very carefully. I just hope mine continues to work well. THe only comment I would add is the titanium scratches very easily.

  • dipak

    hmmmm say any one of you tried a hamilton multi touch..its the direct competition of the tissot t touch

  • Mathew A

    Service for T-Touch is really bad. I bought my t-touch 5 months back and within 4 months the Compass would not work. When i gave it for repairing I was told that it would take 15 days to repair, but even after 40 days Im still to get it back. Everybody who purchases a T-touch has to get a spare watch along with it to use when it breaks down.

  • Gustave

    I have my T-Touch since 2004, I am really pleased with it. I haven’t had any problem since I bought it. The only thing happened today the minute was out of sync. I found the answer here. I knew I would, Tissot is great. I don’t use the touch screen so much, that might be why I haven’t had any problem yet. I love my watch. My bro bought one too and one of my co-worker did too. Everyone is happy about theirs. You might want to try to find a Tissot store near your place. I live in Montreal and there is 1 store that is allowed to work with them. I just hope it will still be there when my battery goes flat.

  • Glenn Stoneham

    Well Tissot should be held accountable for continuing to sell a disgracefull failure of a watch. Mines 3 years old & today a reputable watch maker/repairer confirmed that it had given up the ghost & wasnt worth having repaired again as it would undoubtedly go wrong again soon.It was faulty in only a year after careful treatment & was sent back to tissot service centre twice (at my expence) and was never fully functioning therafter. Now its totally useless after spending over £350 originally.
    National TV complaints programmes such as “Watch Dog” that we have here in the UK should be exposing this story.

  • Greg

    Love this watch…..until it inevidibly breaks. (have 2 friends with them as well, one just bought one after I warned him, the other has a paper weight like mine) If you want this watch to work all the time (heh, heh), you will NEED TO SET ASIDE $300 for repair every 24 months or so. The T Touch “neatness” wears off quick……. Had mine for just over 2 years before it went completely berserk, replaced the battery….nope, it’ll cost over $300 to fix. Now it sits in my watch case, I’ll never buy another Tissot anything again.

  • Paul

    Perhaps I was lucky, I bought my Tissot Touch in 2003 and it worked fairly well for a whole 2 years before it first packed up. I was travelling around the world on holiday at the time, and took it for repair in Melbourne, which took far longer than the time we were in Australia for, so they posted it back to my home in England and I got to wear it again some 4 months later. A few months later it started to malfunction again, took it in for repair in England but it was going to cost over GBP200 to fix. No way I’m paying them any more money, its in a draw and now only serves as a reminder of a very bad investment. I’ve had a couple of Tissot watches before butI’ll never buy a Tissot again, and I thouroughly recommend nobody else does.

  • ashiq wani


  • paul

    I’m on my second T touch watch now. The first one broke down 3 times and I had to pay for a new movement. Luckily this gave another year warranty. It broke down again and I refused to accept the watch back from repair. Tissot exchanged the watch for the next generation watch, after 6 months the watch has died again and has to go back to switzerland. I looking forward to Tissot replacing the watch with a different model or my money back.
    How Tissot can flog this watch as a success is anyones guess. Worst watch I ever bought, real bad reliability for this day and age.


    i have a t touch titanium, the first 6 months work perfect, but after that. every time i wear it it stops and lcd goes blank.
    I already take it to the dealer, so they sent to Tissot to change battey.
    after 2 weeks i wear it and the problem is again present.

    I change the hand of use it, i am using it on Right Hand and it never stops, but if i use it on Left hand the problem comes back again.

    DO any one knows why this is happening??


  • Peter Creque

    PLEASE DO NOT BUY A TISSOT T TOUCH. Mine lasted all of 30 months. Died within first year and was covered under warranty. Died at 30 months and the repair center has quoted $212 for the repair. Fat chance. First off the price is obscene and secondly I expected much more from a quality manufacturer. Where have European standards of craftmanship gone?

  • Elliot

    Not to disagree too much with the overwhelming negative tone of this thread, but I have been extremely satisfied with my T-touch. I got mine over 6 years ago and have never had a single problem until the battery died this month. $15 later and the watch is good as new. All the components work well (though the temperature gauge is a mite useless when you wear the watch). Perhaps the newer versions of the watch were not built to the same level of quality.

    I bought the watch in Canada in 2001.

    Thanks to the poster who gave the synchronization instructions above. I could not find my manual, nor remember the button sequence.

  • Ben

    Had the watch at christmas. Worked well till today. At around 3 o’clock, the watch beep for no reason. I push the T button and it stopped. When I looked at the time later, the digital was ok, but the needles where de-syncronised. The date was 7 days in advance! The needles where completly misaligned in all the functions. Impossible to syncronyse the needles with the LCD until I found the post up here. RE: hands disagreeing with the time in the LCD.

    This is user-correctable.
    See manual page 4, titled “Synchronization”.
    1. Press T button
    2. touch center until you see the 24h/units
    3. hold down T for 5 seconds until you see “Synchro” in the LCD.
    4. use the + button to move the long hand to 12 o’clock, use the – button to move the short hand to 12 o’clock
    6. press T button to commit settings.

    Hands will move to agree with the time in LCD.

    But I’m wondering why the watch changed time suddenly… Hope it will not hapend to often.

    For now, everything is fine. But I’m crossing my fingers. After all, it’s a gadget. Expensive, but still a gadget for the show…

  • John

    I’ve had my Tissot touch for 2 years, only worn it occasionally, and have had the movement replaced (under guarantee, very efficiently, in Hong Kong) 5 times! Typically, if worn continuously for a spell of say a few weeks, it breaks down, the first symptom being the compass not functioning; the one time I continued wearing it after that happened (because I was on holiday with no backup watch – now I’m wiser), then gradually all other functions became disabled, until it was no longer even possible to adjust it at all.
    Looks great, excellent range of functions – but unfortunately total junk. At least I didn’t get the white gold version…

  • Andrew Cunnar

    I was appalled when I read all these posts. I bought my T-Touch in 2003 in St. Johns, Newfoundland, Canada. I have been relatively pleased and have pretty much worn that watch everyday for 4+ years. I fly for a living so the watch is constantly going through pressure changes, etc. Yesterday the watch did the random “beep” and became desyncronized as you have read in similar blogs. After coming on this site, and following the directions, it seems as though the watch is back in business. I have replaced the battery once in the U.S.. I may not go with a Tissot next time due to this blog however. It may be time to upgrade to a Tag or Breitling.

    Thanks for the information. Drew

  • elija

    Well, mine worked well almost 5 years. It appears to me that my battery is finished. LCD works fine, but when I use touch for other functions – LCD switches to the functions, but the hands only try to move, but they can not. So when I brought it to the service – they told me that I need to replace all the mechanism and a touch screen for something like $286. After I read here – I think I am lucky it worked fine 5 years, so maybe I should not repair it…

  • Jose

    I bought the Touch and it failed within warranty period. It tooks months to fix and failed again within 12 months. Now 9 months later the compass has failed. Each time I took our my old Seiko and found it still working.
    Paying a lot of money for a watch which takes months to fix and needs fixing every year!!!
    This watch is junk. No wonder the Japanese thrashed the Swiss watch makers.
    Last year I was given an undertaking by Swatch that they would refund my money. Lets see…

  • Clint T

    I have had the T-touch titanium for 3 years now. It is in need of repair due to major use and unintentional abuse. (T button broken off) Temporarily sealed off with silicone until repairs can be made. However I am still using the watch untill I buy another to hold me over while repairs are being made.
    as far as some of the problems listed,

    1. When I have been in salt water or any mineral laden water my touch face has also stuck in chrono or compass. If you clean it with alchohol or clean water vigorously it will usually fix it.

    2. The sync of the hands in time and compass gets distorted if I have been around a big magnetic field.
    ie. MRI or Microwave. As for the case being magnetized, Titanium isn’t able to be magnetized.

    I don’t doubt that the others had real problems, however my problems were similar and able to be remedied myself.

  • Anthony Ciavarella

    I came to this site via a search to find a solution to the analogue and digital time being out of sync (thanks by the way, r.t.f.m. springs to mind…) and I must say I am surprised by the amount of bad watches out there. I have had mine for over 4 years and I think it is one of the best purchases I have ever made, a brilliant combination of form and function. 3 of my friends have bought one as a result and they nor I have ever had any problems with them. Hoping I never do but reading the above does make it seem possible…

  • Dominik

    Technical shortcomings for Tissot T-Touch
    Got my 1st Titanium T-Touch in August 2003. It failed after 3 years: seal broke and whole electronic components were oxidized. Although warranty was expired, Tissot sent me a 2nd watch on Xmas 2006.

    2nd Watch failed after 3 Month (looked like a Software defect). I sent it in and got a replacement after a couple of months.

    3rd Watch failed in April 2008. This time it looks like a dead battery as nothing works anymore. Watch failed within 5 min. Shouldn’t a dead battery be preadvised somehow?

  • Peter Mackinlay

    Many thanks for this site! Bought my Tissot T-Touch 30/06/03 and have always had great difficulty adjusting it until tonight, when I read Ben’s posting of 31 Jan ’08. Now I understand!

    Why the hell can’t Tissot write their stupid manual in plain language instead of stupid icons with no explanation of intermediate steps? We pay enough for the watch and the manual could even be thinner without the icons. If too expensive for them they could sell it in a brown paper bag and forget the flashy box and little cushion.

    I don’t rely on the other functions so don’t know how accurate they are, but love the compass and thermo. Apparently everything still works (knock wood).

  • David Fong

    I recently had problems with my T Touch and sent it into Swatch Australia for repair – what a mistake, it has taken 3 months for a repair and a charge of $205 and then on top of that they wanted to charge me $20 to send it out to me. The repair process is a joke and disaster – I had to call 4 times for up dates each time i was told – the watch is awaiting a technician to look at it – finally after anger and protest they decided it could be moved forward for repair but needed parts from Switzerland (a further 2 weeks) then I was told after 2 weeks it would be ready (guaranteed!) for collection the following Tuesday – I ring up a week after that date to confirm pick up and told the watch is in QC and may be ready i the next two days (maybe!!) – this organisation is a disaster – suggest that you look up any watches under licence to Swatch Group Australia and avoid them – as any repair is likely to be delayed, expensive and guaranteed you will get the run around. Never again!!!


  • Colin Eaton

    I bought my Touch watch in Turkey in 2001 and it has been fantastic for all that time. The original battery died last Christmas and the only hassle I have had is trying to find someone to replace it.
    In that time it has been abused cycling, skiing, paragliding and soaking up some pretty bad punishment from rifle recoil.
    It has never let me down and the alarm has been used every day since I bought it.
    I honestly think that a lot of people’s problems with this watch is due to them not reading or understanding the user manual.
    Let me reiterate, this watch is complicated, it needs recalibration for some of it’s functions on a daily basis.
    This is not a fault of the watch, but a necessity which is true of professional altimeters etc.
    The watch hands going out of sync again is covered in the manual; I have had to do this twice since I bought the watch and takes a minute to accomplish.
    Again, for all those having non-hardware problems with this watch. Dig out the manual, read it, understand it; you will enjoy your purchase a lot more if you do.

  • Henrik

    I bought a T-Touch watch in 2007.In the beginning it worked fine.But it needed a new battery 2 years after purchase.Then suddenly the dsiplay + knobs stopped working.Really bad qualit for a 550 Euro purchase.I am reluctant to go to the shop for repair.What will it cost?How long will it work?
    Never more a Tissot for me..

  • Mark

    Yes I too had over 3 month period to wait for my phone to be repaired by a “Tissot” rep all the way out in New Jersey. It too cost me $200+ for the repair. So the customer service is TERRIBLE yes.  I too read Bens post on how to “synch” my watch and that worked and saved me time and money.