Five compact digital cameras for the party season

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1. Fujifilm FinePix Z3 Zoom

Fujifilm’s stylish new Z3 Zoom has been designed with parties in mind. Its strong suit is shooting in low light, making it the ideal choice for the holiday season. Its very slim and pocket-friendly and features a host of neat innovations, such as a ‘natural + flash’ mode, which allows you to take the same picture in natural light and with a flash and then compare them side by side. Ignore the fact it’s only packing five megapixels, because numbers don’t matter that much when it comes to compact digicams, as the Z3 proves – picture quality is generally very good. Its huge ISO range (64-1000) is also impressive. At less than £200, the Z3 makes for an excellent party camera. Available in silver, blue and pink. BUY IT

And the best of the rest…

2. Samsung NV3

Samsung is one of the fastest-growing brands in the compact digicam sector, and with stylish cameras like the NV3, it’s easy to see why. The NV3 is a seven-megapixel snapper with no obvious flaws. It takes lovely pictures, it looks great (matte black is way cooler than shiny silver) and the build quality is exemplary – it has an all-metal body, so it feels reassuringly sturdy in the hand. BUY IT

3. Sony DSC T-30

The seven-megapixel T30 is a good 50 quid more expensive than the Z3 and the NV3, but is it worth the extra cash? Just about, we’d say. If you’re looking for a compact digicam to slip into your bag or pocket for a night out, then the T30 is perfect. It tends to have a problem dealing with red-eye, but apart from that it’s a handsome, well-made camera, which takes good, sharp images – thanks in part to its excellent image stabilisation system. BUY IT

4. Nikon Coolpix S9

The S9 is a no-nonsense six-megapixel digicam. It’s slightly cheaper than the other cameras listed here. You can pick one up online for around £150. The lack of manual exposure control is a bit annoying – ISO only goes up to 400 – but it’s very user friendly, looks pretty enough and takes decent images. Fans of the Nikon brand will love it. BUY IT

5. Canon Ixus i7
The i7 is an upgrade of Canon’s smallest Ixus. It packs an impressive seven megapixels into a very light (just 122g), compact body, but image quality could be a bit better – there’s quite a lot of noise at higher ISO settings.  BUY IT

By ShinyMedia | October 26th, 2006

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