Hero of the day: Hannibal Smith

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Name John ‘Hannibal’ Smith

Job Brains of The A-Team and cigar chomper.

Special Powers The ability to lead men into a cave with nothing but a box of matches and a blowtorch, and come out with a bespoke fire throwing tank.

He said "I love it when a plan comes together"

They said He just loved to play it tough and cocky to the biggest bad guy. Named after the Carthaginian general who almost destroyed the Roman Empire 2200 years ago. Like his namesake, Hannibal is a master tactician, but his plans never quite turned out as they were supposed to. According to Amy Allen, "Hannibal’s plans never work like they’re supposed to, they just work". Hannibal was also famed for his "mastery" of disguise – usually involving a wig and a pair of false teeth, that any person with some semblance of vision could have seen through. Nethertheless he was man the Team revolved around

Finest hour Quite a few. The incredible vehicles and weapons fashioned from rubbish. The constant drugging of BA Baracas’ milk to get him on planes… but of all the great moments, Hannibal’s crowing glory was in the opening credits of The A-Team when he is seen fannying around in a Godzilla outfit smoking his big fat Cuban.Hannibal2

Did you know? During the Vietnam War, Hannibal lead his men, The A-Team’s in the robbery the Bank of Hanoi to help bring the war to an end (aorders issued by commanding officer, Colonel Morrison). They succeeded in their mission, but on returning to their base four days after the end of the war, they found their C.O. murdered by the Viet Cong and his headquarters burnt to the ground. Therefore no proof existed that the A-Team were acting under orders, and they were sent to prison by a military court. That is why the were convicted of "a crime they didn’t commit". Aaaaah!

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