Neverlate alarm clock

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Although sadly not to the extent that it lets you have a lie in when you have a stinking hangover. Unless you do it on the same day every week, of course. The Neverlate alarm clock is on one level a fairly standard device: it makes a noise when you need to get up, you press snooze, it goes off again, you press snooze again, it goes off, you throw it against the wardrobe, and then buy another one in a fit of guilt. That kinda thing.

But wait. The Neverlate’s USP is that you can program in your weekly schedule. Later mornings at the weekend, an early rise on Thursday for the gym, etc. I can’t promise it’ll make you get out of the bed on the right side of a morning, but for £39.95 from The Doghouse, it’s worth a look. BUY IT

By admin | October 27th, 2006