B&O Serene mobile

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They don’t just make hi-fis and funny-shaped home telephones, y’know. The US is getting rather excited this week about Serene, which is Bang & Olufsen’s first mobile phone, produced in partnership with Samsung. It’s been out here in Europe for a while, but we thought it was worth reminding you of the handset they say has "the purest relationship between function and form".

Serene is a clamshell phone, but unlike its rivals, the screen is actually on the bottom half of the device, with the top half given over to a circular keypad. In other words, it looks striking, but is a bugger for text messaging or playing games. It’s got a slightly weedy camera too, and a whopping price tag over here of around £700 if you hunt around. (Serene website)

By admin | October 30th, 2006