Nokia 330 GPS navigator

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The 330 is Nokia’s first dedicated GPS sat-nav system. What took ’em so long? It features a
3.5-inch colour touchscreen and a speaker for audio route guidance which doubles up as a speaker for music playback – the device
also functions as an MP3 and video player, as well as being able to
display digital images, all via SD card. The 330 ships with a 2GB
Micro SD card containing Route 66 Navigate 7 navigation software and
Navteq maps for UK, Ireland and continental Europe. We expect it to be a big hit; Nokia is a well-supported brand and this is a nice-looking, well-made unit.

Expect to see it in the shops before the end of the year, with an estimated price of around £200.

[Via The Register]

By ShinyMedia | October 30th, 2006