Homestar Planetarium

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Grr to Madame Tussauds, for their decision at the start of 2006 to refocus the London Planetarium away from galactic stars towards, well, earthbound stars. As in celebrities. So what to do now if you fancy a spot of star-gazing, and can’t be arsed to drive out to the middle of nowhere to stare at Uranus?

The Homestar Planetarium is one answer, projecting 10,000 stars onto your ceiling at the touch of a button. It apparently uses the same lens as a full-size planetarium, and comes with discs to show stars from the northern and southern hemispheres. Plus, you can set it to regularly project shooting stars, letting you make a wish as often as you like. It costs £99.95 from Firebox. Brian May would certainly approve. BUY IT