Recording studio that fits in your pocket

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Good news for bands looking to while away a few hours on the tour-bus (or, more realistically, amateur guitarists with delusions of Clapton-esque grandeur). US firm Boss has launched a recording studio the size of an iPod. The Micro BR is a four-track studio, which includes more than 300 drum patterns to use as backing for your sub-Blunt strummings.

It’s also capable of playing MP3 songs, with the suggested use of you loading your favourite songs in, then slowing them down so you can learn the guitar solos. A nation playing the riff from Sweet Child o’ Mine will surely be the result. Meanwhile, the device records your work onto SD memory cards, with the included 128MB card capable of storing up to 65 minutes, albeit if you’re using a single mono track. (Boss website)

By admin | October 30th, 2006