BMW 3 Series convertible

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News5328d42ed15c6fac2b6895e808bd086cdbd3So this is the new BMW 3-Series convertible. What do you think? We think it’s pretty damn unpretty. The proportions seem slightly off – it just seems muscular in the wrong places, if that makes any sense at all. Anyhoo, it’s a BMW 3-Series convertible, so it’ll sell like hot cakes. You’ll be able to buy it this spring, initially in 325i and 335i flavours. Other models in the series, including the diesel, will be launched later in 2007. As you’d expect from German car manufacturers, this car is full of high-tech innovations, such as sun-reflective leather seats (’cause don’t we all hate sticking to leather in high summer!). More pix of the car after the click…
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By ShinyMedia | October 31st, 2006