Hero of the day: Sheriff John Bunnell

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John Bunnell

Job Big voiced ex cop, soundtracking a thousand TV cop chases.

Special Powers Talking the talk and offering crims their ‘gunishment’.

He said "Jack may be nimble. Jack maybe quick. But when Jack takes on the Cleveland County PD, he’s going to GET BURNED!"

They said Bunnell has been described as using "cheesy, over exagerated melodrama, blatent overuse of illiteration [sic] and an extreme excess of cliche prison references". Just how wrong can you be?

Finest hour Surely John Bunnell’s finest hour is everytime he opens his gob? The man is a quote machine! Always on the side of the boys in blue, and basically, a man who gets paid to get excitable around videos of police chases! The man is obviously without fault.

Bunnell on YouTube

By mofgimmers | October 31st, 2006

  • Gerry

    I like sheriff John Bunnell but when watching him describe scenes on Scariest Cases I find he tends to exaggerate too much. A jump off an overpass he states the height of a three story building but you can plainly see it is less than 20 feet. Then in the Vancouver Canucks riot he states that a participant on a wire above the street is a hundred feet high and falls to the street. He is lucky in that case if the person is 20 or 30 feet. If there will be more of these shows in the future I would like for John to be more realistic.

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