Team Losi 8ight 4WD competition buggy

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Okay, so I’ll admit I know very little about remote-controlled cars, especially when buying them from proper RC websites (as opposed to whatever cartoon spin-off is on sale in Woolworths this week). But the Team Losi 8ight 1:8 4WD Competition Buggy looks pretty smart to me. It’s got a centrally-mounted motor, oversized shocks, a 4-shoe clutch and an extra-thick machined chassis. Don’t worry, just nod as if all that makes sense, like I’m doing.

More importantly, retailer Ben Racing says it’s easy to tune, easy to maintain and easy to drive fast, which is surely the point. There is all manner of other technical data on their website, explaining why it "redefines 1/8 off-road nitro buggy racing". But all you need to know is it costs £438.99, and will look spiffing (until you drive it slap bang into your neighbour’s wall). BUY IT