Hero of the day: Ted Chippington

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102664283_43063d59b0_mName Francis Smyth, aka Ted Chippington

Job Stand-up comedian, underrated poet of the people.

Special Powers Dry one-liners, making hecklers look stupid.

He said ‘I was walking down the road the other day, this chap drove up beside me and said, "Excuse me, mate, I’m in a dilemma." I said, "Aye, good motors, Dilemmas. I was thinking of buying one myself. A red one perhaps."’

They said ‘Ted Chippington’s act was totally different – a mixture of surrealism and insolent provocation and uncompromising boredom. I thought it was the coolest thing I ever saw. The show came out as a 7" 33rpm single on Vindaloo records and I was in the crowd. When I hear tapes of me from 88/89 I am still copying Ted.’ Stewart Lee, stand-up and writer

Finest hour John Peel once played Ted’s first 7" EP on his BBC radio show.

Did you know? ‘In the early 1990s Ted reportedly retired from showbusiness to pursue a career in truck-driving. However he has recently started performing again, and a CD boxset of his work is due to be released soon.’ [Via Wikipedia]

Ted Chippington on YouTube