Speedseat F1 racing seat

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Forget negotiating the twists and turns of a console F1 circuit using a regular joypad. What you want is a Speedseat racing seat, which is a fully adjustable platform in which to park your bottom while haring through virtual chicanes. It folds up so can be stashed behind the sofa when not in use (after all, you wouldn’t sit your mother-in-law in it when she comes round for a cuppa), and can be adjusted to fit any age.

The package we’ve found throws in a Joytech Williams F1 Force Feedback racing wheel for extra realism, providing proper resistance, three air-cooled motors, and proper stick-shift gears. At £142.99, it ain’t cheap, but if you’re not moneyed enough to buy your way into a proper F1 cockpit, it’s the next best thing. BUY IT

By admin | November 1st, 2006