Have an eco Xmas with an organic tree

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Forget those plastic Christmas trees you’ve been eyeing up in the shop. Especially the singing ones. Plastic trees may manage to hold on to their bristles when the cat brushes past, but they’re not exactly eco-friendly are they? If you want to outdo David Cameron for flaunting your green credentials, how about an organic Norway Spruce sapling, which will sit happily in the corner of your living room for the festive season, and can then be planted outside until next year.

It’s 20-60cm tall, so admittedly you can’t hang those two boxes of decorations on it that you could fit on your last tree. But you get the warm feeling of having saved the planet (almost), along with a personalised gold-plated snowflake decoration with your own message engraved on it. It costs £34.95 if you order it online too. BUY IT

By admin | November 2nd, 2006