Hero of the day: John Cooper Clarke

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Name John Cooper Clarke

Job One man riot, poet and punk.

Special Powers The Bard of Salford. Poncey people would say his job is as ‘a performance poet’.

He said ‘I played a gig in Cardiff last week and had a run in with the Welsh
Mafia; They made me an offer I couldn’t understand…’

They said Clarke’s high-speed, Salford-twanged delivery, based on the rhythms of rock and amphetamine sulphate rather than any conventional poetic metre, was the verbal equivalent of the headlong musical thrill of punk. Likewise, his subject matter was often lurid enough for punk, combining the bohemian sensibility of Kerouac or Ginsberg with the more whimsical wordplay associated with, say, Adrian Henri. His performances, though relentless and confrontational, were always good-humoured.

Finest hour JCC performing an opening act for The Sex Pistols, Buzzcocks and Elvis
Costello must rank pretty high up the list. Also his (supposed) triste
with German bombshell Nico (from the Velvet Underground) must have also
made Johnny feel happier than a dog with two dicks!.

Did you know? He spent the 1980s, performing and releasing a few records… oh… and battling herion addiction, during which he somehow found himself in a couple of Sugar Puffs adverts playing second fiddle to Honey Monster (WATCH IT HERE).

John Cooper Clarke on YouTube