The doorkey LED torch

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For all the press release’s talk of "night safety", it’s blatantly clear that True Utility’s LockLite gadget has one use, and one use only. It’s to prevent that embarrassing 30 seconds of fumbling when you arrive home after a night on the beers, and can’t find your front door lock. Hurrah!

It’s a little gizmo that fixes onto your key – as long as it’s round-ended – and turns it into a bright LED torch. Apparently the light source is visible a mile away too, although what good that does when you’re swaying around on your front porch is anyone’s guess. LockLite’s batteries can be replaced, and its bulb has a 100,000-hour life. It should be on sale before the boozy Christmas parties get going, at a price to be confirmed.

(True Utility website)