Star Wars Darth Vader popcorn maker

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VaderpopperSo you were daft enough to think that only softies munch popcorn? Welcome to the dark side my young paduan learner, and create tasty snacks for flicks in this super dope Darth Vader popcorn maker.

Now, this bad boy sith machine features a 6 oz. popper inside a smoked glass and chrome cabinet, as well as the ability to choke petulent generals, and destroy entire planets with a single blast. Maybe.

This is no tabletop nonesense either, this a big old fashioned wheelie thing which you can push around the house with wild abondon… or phantom menace should you prefer. Your mates will be jealous, and you’ll annoy Jar Jar Binks as well. What could be better? This rascal normally goes for $1,386.00 but it’s now in the sale for $1,099.00. BUY IT

By mofgimmers | November 3rd, 2006