Hero of the day: Joe Boyd

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Name Joe Boyd

Job A one man music happening. Producer, author, promoter and music mogul.

Special Powers The ability to be at the right place at the right time and nurish. His CV is a ridiculous read. He’s partly responsible for the Newport Folk Festival, Pink Floyd, Nick Drake, Deliverance, the UFO club in London, John Martyn and more.

He said "Back in the sixties there was a widespread feeling that everyone had the right to express themselves musically… I didn’t agree. I was always the curmudgeon that said ‘if you’re no good, shut up.’"

They said "He always seemed to be in the right place at the right time and that rarely happens by accident."

Finest hour Jesus. Where do you start? He produced all of Nick Drake’s records. He discovered Fairport Convention. He was part of the infamous Newport Folk Festival that saw Bob Dylan turn modern music on its head by going electric. He founded the UFO club which popularised psychedelic music in Britain. He produced Pink Floyd’s ‘Arnold Layne’. As head of music for Warner Brothers Films, he organized the scoring of Deliverance, Clockwork Orange and was Executive Producer of the feature film Scandal. He probably invented the wheel as well.

Joe Boyd on YouTube (well, a Joe Boyd production at any rate)

By mofgimmers | November 6th, 2006