Sunjar light


This sunjar light is perfect for the cold and dreary nights that are setting over the winter months. It’s been designed by a clever sod called Tobi Wong, and this jar actually stores sunlight. What you do, is leave this rascal sitting in the sunlight, and by night, hey presto, it will radiate light! All made possible by swanky modern technology (some LED’s, a solar panel and some ingenious thinking).

The sandblasted glass gives off mellow light which does make you feel like you have sunshine in a jar… and who wouldn’t want that? Get a few of these in, and dot them around your house over winter, and save them until summer, and you can use them in the garden when you have mates round. They’re a decent little size, 4" x 4" x 6" (10x10x16 cm) and won’t break the bank being a paltry €29.00. BUY IT

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  • jimbo

    Looks like this site has them too

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  • jimbo

    Looks like this site has them too

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