Ebay movie props: Johnny Depp’s jumper or Al Pacino’s vest

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The choice is yours. Brandish’s brother blog Bayraider has turned up a nifty pair of movie costumes today, catering for two distinct types of men: sensitive rogues, or spiffed-up mafiosi. Surely you must fit into one of those categories.

Anyway, one item is the grey jumper worn by Johnny Depp in Chocolat (pictured). It’s a bit holey – for the purposes of the character, naturally – but if you have $6,000 to spare, it’ll make chocolate-baking ladies swoon. Hopefully. Meanwhile, the other item is the pinstriped vest worn by Al Pacino in The Godfather. It’s currently going for $400, and will make rival gangsters swoon (when you point a pistol at them).