Hero of the day: Geoff Capes

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Name Geoff Capes

Job Rent-a-strong man and shot put champ. Oh, and he’s a prize winning budgerigar breeder. No… really.

Special Powers Ripping yellow pages in half, throwing shot-puts really really far and tipping mini’s over on his own. He’s a bit of a hooligan really isn’t he?

He said "When I had the opportunity to acquire a small stud of Recessive Pieds I took it with enthusiasm. They were beautiful Budgerigars which, for too long, had been smaller and slimmer than Normals. I saw the chance of making improvements. My approach was to pair them with Normals of the highest standard in my stud and to acquire top quality Recessive Pied outcrosses that displayed exhibition features approximating to those of Normals." That’d be Geoff talking about budgies…

They said It surprises some people that a man of Geoff Capes’ physical stature should be gentle enough to keep and breed birds.

Finest hour GEOFF CAPES is the most capped British male athlete of all time. Even
though he retired from UK athletics in 1980, with 67 international caps
– and returning 35 wins. Amazingly, he held the British and Commonwealth shot-putt record of
71ft 31/2in, set at Cwmbran in 1980, which stood for 23 years.

Did You Know? Capes used to be a copper many years ago, and now owns a security firm called Capes UK. He’s also Justice of the Peace (whatever that means) and is a trained roofer.

Geoff Capes on YouTube

By mofgimmers | November 7th, 2006