The world’s safest table-saw

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DIY equipment with built-in safety mechanisms to stop you turning your limbs into a bloody pulp? That’s spoiling the fun! What about the element of manly danger, eh? Nevertheless, if you’re worried about your cack-handed home improvement sending you to casualty, SawStop is worth a look. It’s a 10-inch cabinet saw whose blade automatically retracts within five milliseconds upon "accidental contact" (i.e. with something pink and hand-shaped).

The blurb claims this could mean just needing a plaster, rather than having to have your thumb re-attached, so it certainly sounds effective. And the website even has a video using a hot-dog sausage to prove it. Admittedly, it only appears to be on sale in the US at the mo, but there are enough shambolic DIYers here in the UK to ensure it’ll cross the Atlantic sooner rather than later.

(SawStop website)

By admin | November 7th, 2006